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Almost 6!
Wed || Jan 31 || 1750 hrs
Theme: bridge

Thankfully it's close to going home time.

Am so very tired.. But theres still the bus trip and walk home :(

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And I Ramble..
Wed || Jan 31 || 0922 hrs
Theme: mirror

I took this picture at TGI Friday's and I wish I could have taken a better shot of the entire wall.. but my seating didn't permit.

Anyways I had a pretty good dinner there with my parents on Monday. We shared this set meal thingie which actually turned out very nice.

Except for the part when my dad found out that my mom had ordered a Caesar Salad without the chicken.

*Dad digs through salad*
Dad: Something is missing...wheres the chicken.
Mom: Yea I told them no chicken.
Dad: *grumble grumble* But I like chicken.

Tbh I feel like the salad was a ripoff without the chicken..all they had were veggies of one kind, nachos and salad sauce. Very boring.

The pasta on the other hand was lurvely. Wouldn't actually mind going back there again except that I really need to watch my budget.

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Yay For CNY Decorations!
Wed || Jan 31 || 0916 hrs
Theme: fruit

Just as I was about to give up and head to the supermarket.. I finally found what I was looking for for this particular entry :)

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Rush! Rush!
Wed || Jan 31 || 0904 hrs
Theme: dance

This month has been odd for me. For most part it seems to have moved rather slowly and it seemed that Febuary would never get here.

And yet here I am on the last day of January without my 26 things.


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Quickie B4 Lunch!
Mon || Jan 29 || 1153 hrs
Theme: chocolate

It's been a rather odd work day. Started out meh..got worse but then I got a pleasant suprise that made things feel a little better.

Doens't mean that i'm not busy as heck tho.. But it has remotivated me!

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Rushing B4 Weekly Office Meeting
Mon || Jan 29 || 0950 hrs
Theme: blur

The day has just started and already i'm like "Shit so many things to do". Hopefully I can get organized in a bit so that the stuff I need to do actually gets done!!!

Oh and of course.. PICCIE!

Haz looks like shes having ALOT of fun on the swings!

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Pasar Malam 4tw!
Fri || Jan 26 || 1015 hrs
Theme: keys

Managed to sneak a pic of the key maker in the pasar malam (evening market?) yesterday. There were alot of fruits but it was too crowded and I didn't feel comfortable whipping out my camera again.

Still a little stumped over the next 9 items..but hopefully this weekend will be inspiring :D

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Curse My Unsteady Hands
Thurs || Jan 25 || 1016 hrs
Theme: still life

This really isn't a great shot. As you can see, it's kinda blur mainly because my hands weren't very steady.

It's kind of dissapointing actually that I have unsteady hands. Alot of my pictures turn out blur (thats why I take alot of the same pictures) and i'm horrible when it comes to carrying stuff like soup.

It's just one of those inate/passive abilities which you wish you had (a steady hand I mean) but I just don't. :(

Anyways, my contribution for Still Life.

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T3h 3V1L Bed Of The Tie Shirt Master
Thurs || Jan 25 || 0952 hrs
Theme: soft

It kinda looks lumpy in the picture, but trust me it's reaaaaaally comfortable. Just sucks you right in and you don't want to leave.

I would have taken a picture of someone actually in the bed demonstrating how soft and comfy it is..but the 3vil one does not pose for pictures >(

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Wed || Jan 24 || 0823 hrs
Theme: newborn

Technically Sugie over here is 7 weeks old and not really a newborn. But I think that her new life with us and our 2nd chance with a sugar glider qualifies for this theme.

This is the first ever picture of her and it's pretty much how she came to us from the breeder. Poor baby was terrified of us and she still is a little I think.

But it's only been a few days. I'm confident that she'll come to know and love us. I know I love her to bits already.


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Halfway Point!
Wed || Jan 24 || 0809 hrs
Theme: remote

I'm midway through 26 Things for January but there's only about a week left! Eeeks!!

Still kinda stumped about some of the items and about to resort to basic pictures for some others.

Anyways heres a basic contribution for Remote:

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What An Occasion
Tues || Jan 23 || 0953 hrs
Theme: red

One of my favorite group pictures from TJ's wedding last month. And boy did we take alot of pictures.

The theme of the wedding was red and I kept telling everyone after that, that it was redder than CNY.

Everyone just looked Fantastic. It was pretty awesome seeing everyone dressed up.

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Black And White
Tues || Jan 23 || 0916 hrs
Theme: opposite

On the left, my sensible black flats which I love but have come to realise that they don't exactly look great.

And on the right, the great pair of white strappy heals I bought for TJ's wedding that I've come to really love cos they are amazingly comfortable and great looking.

ps: I'm also amazed that the white heels haven't turned black yet under my care :p

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Mon || Jan 22 || 1807 hrs
Theme: in my bathroom

The water heater in my house has been busted for quite a few weeks now which has made for interesting bathing experiences. Most of which unplesant.

Anyways I was originally planning to take a picture of the busted water heater's insides since it was still mounted to the wall with the casing off so my dad could take a look at it.

So imagine my shock and horror when I went back the other day to find THIS!

The heater has apparantly gone back to the shop for repairs. But what this also means is that there is no more shower head. So i'm bathing using a tap and a hose that's at knee-height.


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Nina Knows Best..
Mon || Jan 22 || 0950 hrs
Theme: travel

I was talking to her about 26 Things before I actually decided to go for it. And I was saying that I wasn't sure I could actually find what I needed to finish the list. Especially since my days are rather boring and routine.

She told me to just carry my camera around because "You never know."

And she was absolutely right!

I got this picture when I went to see a random client that called the office. Who knew that she worked for Saudi Arabian Airlines :D

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Light The Death Note Character?
Mon || Jan 22 || 0939 hrs
Theme: light

I was a little tempted to post up a picture of Light from Death Note..but it wouldn't really be a photograph would it?

And for a while I was wondering, do they mean light as in not heavy..or light as in light bulb?

As you can see, I went for the latter.

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But I Like My Fancy Coffee!
Thurs || Jan 18 || 1555 hrs
Theme: temptation

Passing by San Frans Coffee each morning is terrible! Especially when I'm feeling particularly sleepy. Will nescafe ever be enough again?

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bzzt! bzzt! bzzt! Busy As A Bee!
Thurs || Jan 18 || 1549 hrs
Theme: round

Guess who's not been uploading pictures from her camera into her computer?

Well i didn't feel like carrying the wire around (you know, the one that connects camera to pc), and i've been busy. RL calls!

And I suspect it's going to only get busier :(

Last Sunday we tried out this new Korean BBQ restaurant in SS2. It's nice but kinda pricey. So i'm not sure if i would recommend it.

Anyways while the food wasn't round, all the fishes in the place certainly was!!

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So hungry...
Fri || 12 Jan 2007 || 1444 hrs
Theme: in the sky

Lesson to be learnt. Don't skip lunch for work. It ain't worth it!


I'm running out of ideas for 26 things and it's only been 3 days! MUST GANBATTE!!

Looks like the globe/ball is floating in midair doesn't it? ^_^

Well it's not! This picture was taken in Wellington during my trip to NZ in 2005 (has it been 2 years already?!) It's basically a metal ball suspended in the air by wires. But depending on the weather/distance, it actually looks like it's floating in the sky.

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My Attempt At Being Creative
Thurs || 11 Jan 2007 || 1600 hrs
Theme: water

No sure if this counts but I figure with the waterfall-like display and the Aquasource banner this could pass as Water.

Ta Da:

As it says on the header above, I'm trying to be creative with my 26 things and not just go for the conventional stuff. I already have certain ideas in my head for some of the themes but at the moment I feel that I lack the photography skill to capture the picture/image that I see in my head. *is sad*

Anyways the picture is just a part of the gorgeous Biotherm booth they're having at the mall where I work.

I think its a pretty yet simplistic set up. I love it!!

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Work! Work! Work! Because Work Pays The Bills!
Thurs || 11 Jan 2007 || 0900 hrs
Theme: everyday

Fresh at work (for the time being) and I figure it's never too early to make a post. Plus I've got 26 things to find and I'm almost halfway through the month already!



On the left is the 'beautiful' calender that my boss gave me for Christmas. He was my secret santa and it's no secret that he sucks at buying gifts (for women or otherwise). I've complained about it many times before but i'm going to complain about it again! It's frickin childish!! Not to mention I have to assemble it every month.. so annoying. I've yet to determine whether i'll actually bother to do so.

And I didn't mean for it to be in the frame originally but at the end I thouht why not. The other blue calender on the right is the "Complete" contact lense solution calender. Very cute but a bit small.. I'm still on the hunt for the 'perfect' desk calendar!! Hopefully I can get another Toyota one.

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Keeping in theme...
Wed || 10 Jan 2007 || 1700 hrs
Theme: 2

Decided to tackle another picture for 2 reasons:

1. To test out anchor linkage
2. Because I'm trying to see how many '2's I can score.

Bwa ha ha ha ha


This is a picture of me and my boyfriend over at Bkt Tinggi in 2006. I really hate my teeth in this picture. I don't smoke but obviously caffine hasn't done me any favors.

I like this shot because we have one like this, different time, same place, same swans(?), taken on the previous trip to Bkt Tinggi.

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Oo first post!!
Wed || 10 Jan 2007 || 1631 hrs
Theme: photography

hmm it's been a while since i've done this. Lets see if I remember how!


Picture of Nina taking a picture of me! This is going to be an on-going theme!! I'll make it so!

Anyways it's going to be interesting trying to 'blog' again or at least maintain interest in 26 things. Hopefully I can keep at it and find it more enjoyable and less like a chore.

ps: yes yes I know very plain layout but I malas so i'm just gonna go old school html. Focus is the pictures only right?

coming up: need to get a comments board/system of some sort...

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